I recently decided to stop printing my work through short-run digital printers. Offset printing just looks better, is more consistent, and far more cost effective. I can then pass this significant savings on to my customers.

The downside with offset printing is, I have to print a lot of them. As such, I can’t make prints of every single piece I’ve ever done, or I wouldn’t be able to walk into my studio.

I hope to slowly expand the selection of prints available on my website’s shop, but am having a hard time deciding which ones to print (I will likely only choose 2 at this time). I’m hoping you guys will help me out, and please let me know which pieces you would most like to see offered.

I am debating between:

Blood Divided

Soul Born


Dragon Empress



Shiva’s Crown

It would be a great help to me if you let me know which was your favorite by voting in the poll at the right. Thanks! (poll closed)