Greg Manchess

An article about my work was just released in a beautiful new online magazine, Artists On Art.

The magazine is published seasonally and released its Fall issue yesterday. The very reasonable subscription fee includes the ability to download a pdf file of each issue.

The quality of the design by publisher Ryan Mellody is top-notch. The artists write from their own point of view and include work that they personally choose to share. What I love most about the magazine is that Ryan carefully selects artists that speak to real, working painters. The kind of painters that I want to seek out and watch. This kind of honest approach is very fresh for an industry full of formulaic art magazines.

Ryan also doesn’t stop at gallery painters. He has an abiding love for illustration as well, which fits my own appreciation for art and isn’t limited by categorizing good imagery. When it’s good, it’s good.

I was honored and overjoyed to be included in Artists On Art, amongst some of the best painters I’ve seen lately. I’ve already discovered many new favorites and have downloaded some exquisite, high rez images. I can’t wait to see more work presented so well.

If you paint, you’ll love this.