TLC Workshops is once again hosting some really cool workshops in Seattle, and I am really proud to say that I am included in 2013’s roster.

I am going to be giving a 3 day workshop focused on book cover illustration. To ensure the students get a lot of personalized attention, the class size is limited to just 12 people.

In this 3 day workshop, I will go over my process, specifically as it pertains to cover work. Students will work alongside the me, as they execute their own paintings. Topics covered will include: composition, photo reference, oil painting techniques, and general business practices. Even though a large portion of the class will be geared specifically towards oil painting techniques, the lessons and methods that I will go over can be applied to any media, including digital.

If you’re interested in attending, you can find more info, see some other amazing workshops available, and most importantly, register HERE.

*** Enrollment just opened yesterday, and it’s filling up a LOT quicker than I expected. In fact, there are only 3 spots left! ***