By Jesper Ejsing

Image © Andrew Hickinbottom 

I fell over this 3D image and it kind of settled in me. It is a personal work called “Comic Con Curves” by Andrew Hickinbottom. I am his new fan.

Well its funny and sexy and its got boobs right in your face. That is an obvious “like” in my book.  But what really impressed me was the perception and setting of the scene. I instantly remember all the time I have stood in lines waiting to talk to one of my idols at a comic con or an art show. Being from Europe and most of my idols being Americans also meant that I had travelled very far to meat them. Standing there in line with my pre prepared portfolio eager and at the same time afraid to show it to anyone is a real sore feeling. the first time I attended a convention I was blown away by all the people who had taken the opportunity to dress up. First I thought it was childish and ridiculous but when I noticed the reaction of the crowd as someone, wearing a greatly put together costume, I realized that it wasn´t stupid at all. these guys were behaving like kings of the world, staying in character acting it out, for a day or two. And I had to admit, it would take a lot of guts to dress up like that. I wouldn’t dare it.

Back to the 3D. I simply love the stylized style. it looks so much like a cartoonist drawing turned real life. The super naturalistic pens lend credibility to the scene. The best thing is the card board material used for her check armour and weapon. The attention to details and setting up the scene makes this the true homage to Cos-players.

Check out Andrew’s blog, to see more of his work.