-By Dan dos Santos

Since Petar and Paolo have already shared their contributions to this year’s upcoming MicroVisions auction, I thought I would share one more.

This year we asked the uber-talented Sculptor/Illustrator, Chris Sickels (aka Red Nose Studio), to once again contribute a piece. Each donation to the MicroVisions auction must measure 5 x 7 inches… but that doesn’t mean it has to be 2D.  Chris came up with this super cool piece, aptly titled ‘Waiting for Shackleton‘.

This piece, as well 12 others, will all go up for auction very soon.  Stay tuned for more info on that.

And for those of you that are fans of Chris’ work (I know I am), you may be interested to know that Chris is hosting a workshop at the Society of Illustrators in NYC. The workshop is surprisingly affordable, and the students work alongside Chris to produce a short animated film. Space is extremely limited however, so you’ll need to reserve your spot as soon as possible. More info on that HERE.