Just when you thought you’d had enough of me, I thought I’d announce my workshop this November 15, 16, 17, with Tara Chang of TLC Workshops.

Turns out we had a couple cancelations so I thought I’d let everyone know there are two spaces left!

This is a 3 day weekend workshop where we study ideas through generating copious amounts of thumbnail sketches. Refining, changing, enhancing our ideas through much, much drawing, and finally developing a large loose sketch, based on the previous explorative sketches, to take home for a finished painting.

Fundamentals of composition, value, and picture design are stressed throughout.

This is where we discover who we are: marks on paper, with the barest minimum of lines, until we flesh out and flush out an idea that lingers just beneath our awareness.

Much frustration and head-scratching ensues while we struggle to do our best, but we haven’t had a student yet that hasn’t come away with an epiphany or two about their work. And lots of fun in the discovery process.

Come with no fear…you’re in good hands.