By Justin Gerard

Last week I shipped out all the 2013 sketchbook orders!  We sold out of the DELUXE editions on day one, and now it’s time to roll the dice and see who got what!

There is no rhyme or reason to these sketches, I just sit down and sketch for about 3 days and see what turns up. As the drawings are finished the sketchbooks are placed in order and then whatever number you are when you order, that is the one you get.

Sometimes you get wizards…
…And sometimes you get crocs.
And maybe more wizards.
And maybe a few Ents.
There were also a lot of mostly harmless dragons.
And a lot of angry dwarves.  

And some lucky person gets #43, which was probably my favorite of the bunch:

It was a good batch and I hope everyone likes them. Until next year…  
To see sketches from previous years books: