Hi Everyone,

The gracious Mr. Dan has been kind enough to allow me to show some of my recent stuff for Thor 2. Thank you Dan. I worked on Thor 2 for quite a while doing character design work on the Dark Elves and the Space Marauders. Once again, it was a great opportunity to work with the very talented bunch at Marvel. Here’s some of the images, and please feel free to ask any questions.

Lastly, I’d like to give a heads up for an Art book that my good friend and long time collaborator, Vance Kovacs and I have launched on Kickstarter as of 12/2. The project is more of a personal project in the sense that it is entirely our own thing. I’m sure alot of you that draw and paint for a living can relate to the idea of one day getting a chance to put everything you’ve got into a project with out any other direction than your own. That what this is. I’ve been doing images that belong to this ‘project’ for a long time. Throughout my professional career thus far, Vance and I have talked about somehow, some way, putting this thing forth into a number of projects, starting with what we thought was fitting, given our background as concept artists for many films and games, with a hard back book that will collect much of the conceptual paintings and drawings that make up this pre- development phase. The book is called “The Art of Eclipse, the Well and the Black Sea”.Check out Kickstarter for more info.

Here’s the link:


[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/821251295/the-art-of-eclipse-the-well-and-the-black-sea width=480]

Here’s a couple of images from the project:

Thanks for checking this stuff out!