Here’s a few quick timelapses of some of my oil painting process for my recent Marvel masterpieces series.

Firstly, here’s ‘She-Hulk’.

This image is 12×16 inches on oil primed linen, which I used quite often on this series of paintings. Something about the surface of the linen prevented me from getting unnecessarily detailed on these paintings, which was imperative since I only had 3 days to complete them.


Next up, Here’s Elektra.

I went for a pretty stark composition on this one, which not only saved me some time, but I think adds a lot of drama to the piece especially next to the other images in the series. Since I saved myself a little time not having a background to worry about, I decided to use those extra hours and paint this one quite large, purely for the sake of having an impactful original. The final reproduction didn’t really warrant the overly large size, but it was worth the extra effort.

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