A short while back, I mentioned an exhibit in Glendale, CA showcasing the work of Bob Peak and Drew Struzan. At the time, very little was known about the show. We did not know what works, how many, or why the whole darn thing was being held at a funeral home.

Thanks to some faithful Muddy Colors readers, we now have some additional information and pics for you.

Firstly, The Forest Lawn Museum has a rich history. A lot of famous celebrities are buried on the grounds, and the museum has been host to a great many shows. Their collection includes a beautiful Bouguereau, amongst many other works.

Though the dates are still not set, we are told that Drew Struzan and Thomas Peak (Bob’s son, and author of Bob’s recent monograph) will be doing a lecture and signing at some point.

Overall, the show seems to be exactly what you’d hope it would be. There are a little more than 40 works on display, about 20 from each artist. Many of these pieces are some of the artist’ better known works, including the art for Apocalypse Now, Superman, Harry Potter, and The Walking Dead.

A good friend, who shall remain unnamed, was brave enough to bring a camera behind enemy lines and made it back with the following pictures unscathed. We apologize for the imperfect shots, but espionage can be a dangerous game.

The show will be up for a few more months still. If you are in LA area, be sure to check it out.