Did you know Kim Jung Gi is doing a live drawing demo in New York City next week?!

But did you also know tickets are already sold out?

Too bad. I guess you won’t get to see this incredible artist draw live before your eyes. 🙁


Unless, of course, someone at Muddy Colors (in their infinite wisdom) was clever enough to buy some extra tickets months ago for the sole purpose of giving them away to our awesome readers! Oh wait. That’s exactly what we did!

We’ve got 3 tickets to this sold out lecture, and we are giving them away.

What does one have to do to win one of these tickets, you ask? Not much really. All you have to do is write in the comments section right here:

I will travel to NYC, and want to see Kim Jung Gi!

Want a better chance of winning?
You can also do this on our other platforms too. Just go to our Facebook Page, InstagramTwitter or Patreon, find the appropriate post, and follow the instructions found there. Each platform counts as an additional entry. Which means, if you want the absolute best chances of winning, submit on multiple platforms.

Winners will be announced right here on the blog first thing Friday Morning. Good luck!