Greg Manchess

The Christmas Dragon debuted in Paris this past October at Galerie Daniel Maghen.

Excerpt from the story, The Christmas Dragon, by G. Manchess:

“…it had flown for hours, scanning the mountains where they’d been forced down by the storm the night before. The morning broke mercifully clear and crisp, the sharp light would help find his tracks but would be just as difficult as last time. That was on the peninsula.

Here, at the entrance to the Black Mountains, magnetic pull was weak.

And the light was fading…”

Another story in my writing file, growing with time. When my friend Jared Shear sent me a shot he’d taken in Montana to entice me to come out and do some plein air painting together, I visualized my dragon in the shot. It was a natural. I asked if I could use it, and he obliged.

I made a sketch of the dragon and started painting. This one only took ten years.

Thanks, Jared!