“Uplift 1″…a mysterious day at Union Square, NYC
Greg Manchess

This Saturday, January 24th, I have a new solo show opening at the Arte Verissima Studio and Gallery in Oakland, CA.

Entitled, “Weightless” it is the beginning of a series of exhibitions I’ve planned to visually explore the theme of elements. Wind, rain, snow, fog, cold, heat…general conditions that we experience everyday. Landscapes, cityscapes. I love painting the figure and will find ways to incorporate them to tell subtle stories.

The paintings for this show stem from a desire to paint the images that kept coming up for me, time and again, while painting other things such as commissions from clients, and sometimes from travels and dreams. A dream is both informative and dangerous. Probably our most vulnerable stage of any day. I hesitated before each one of these pieces, but eventually withstood the risk of confusing the subject with undue meaning. Such as we might do to glean answers from our dreams.

I concluded that explaining these pieces would leave the viewer out of the venture, as we bring our own particular experiences to any painting. This first show is meant for the audience to collaborate in the undertaking, from their own memories.

I hope to continue this theme in subsequent shows, emanating from this beginning effort. Let me know if they touch a nerve or succeed in stimulating a response that’s familiar.

And if any of you are in the Bay Area this Saturday, please stop by! It starts at 6pm.

“Uplift 2″…the story continues above the 86th street subway