-By Dan dos Santos

The Life Ball in Vienna is one of the largest and most spectacular charity events in the world. The event, which is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting research of HIV and AIDS, has become an amazing spectacle of performance art, and a costumed gala.

To help promote the Gala, Life Ball issues a ‘Style Bible‘ every year, showcasing that year’s ‘theme’. Attendees are encouraged to follow the dress code set by this ‘Style Bible’.

This year, Life Ball commissioned Austrian photographer Inge Prader spearhead a massive photoshoot recreating the works of the esteemed Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt.

With the help of 50 team members, consisting of make up artists, wardrobe stylists, body painters and set designers, Prader managed to create some truly spectacular homages to to the paintings of Gustav Klimt.


The Hostile Forces ( Beethoven Frieze )

Death and Life


A Kiss for the Whole World ( Beethoven Frieze )

The Suffering of Weak Mankind ( Beethoven Frieze )

The Longing for Happiness Fulfilled in Poetry ( Beethoven Frieze )

The Arts ( Beethoven Frieze )

Theseus and the Minotaur

You can see more from the collection at the Style Bible website, or on their Facebook Gallery
And be sure to check out previous year’s Style Bibles, which contain homages to wide range of paintings and artists, right HERE.