Greg Manchess
I thought I’d share some progress shots of my novel, Above the Timberline! It will also get a title change and I’ll share that soon, too.
At this stage, I’m about 53 paintings in, 67 to go. I slowed down in April and part of May because of some personal commitments, but I’ve jumped back in by getting more models shot and planning some of the major scenes. 
Main character, Wesley Singleton, takes aim across the frozen Waste
I recently met with my editor, Joe Monti, at Saga Press/Simon and Schuster and my designer, Michael McCartney. Seeing a board room full of finished paintings laying on the table, chairs, shelves, and ultimately, the floor was pretty exciting for all of us who’ve been talking about this book for a number of years now.
For now, I’ll show a selection of closeup shots of heads that are accented moments in the manuscript, but not enough to give the story away. Each painting is 37″ x 15″ in a wide, cinematic format. CinemaScope!
Back to the board. End of August deadline.
Wes on the wireless…my model is Cassius O’Brien, son of illustrator, Tim O’Brien…
…and Tim is modeling for Wes’ father in the story!
An emotional moment for Wes….