Greg Manchess

After a week at IMC with a fantastic roster of instructors and a bunch of wonderful illustration and gallery students, I’m back to painting away on Timberline. I had hoped to get a few started while there, but alas, the students come first, so I only used one to work on for a demo.


We had a great time talking paint together. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much through a painting demo. I shared how my mind works while laying down strokes. I think everyone was a little surprised and elated that things don’t always go as planned and I have to think on the fly. Just like they do. Just like I did when starting out, and still have to even now.

I’m about to hole up in Oregon for a full month of focused painting. I’ve got 60 more spreads to conquer to be finished. Not sure I can make it now, but the paint is feeling good, and so are the characters, shapes, values, light, scenes, etc.

Way station

My main characters have been shot for reference, and July will be spent painting most of them, including Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy and guest instructor at IMC, playing the part of Sam.

I’m also beginning to refine some of the more complex visuals, like inside the Polaris Geographic Society and…beneath the lost city!