by Howard Lyon

I recently received what is quickly becoming one of my favorite books.  I had looked at it many times, but now that I have it am kicking myself for not just getting it earlier.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon, with good prices on used copies, but the new one isn’t too bad.
Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter

Zorn’s painted with wonderful vitality.  His paintings are often bright and airy, or the subject feels like it is about to move and Zorn captured one instant.  I was surprised upon studying his work closer in the book to see how some areas that look like one sweep of a brush are actually fussed over with smaller brushes.  Somehow he didn’t lose spontaneity.

This is a great book full of large images of his many oil paintings and watercolors as well as etchings, bronzes and even some photography he used.

The book also contains 4 well written essays:

A Swedish Master
Painting in the Gilded Age
Between Tradition and Modernity
Anders Zorn Among the Post-Impressionists

I am often guilty of just looking at the pictures, but take the time to read through the book and gain a closer connection and understanding of the wonderful artist.

Here is a flip through of the book:


Thank you,
Howard Lyon