-By Jesper Ejsing

One of the two paintings I liked from this year.

Now the year 2016 is almost done. The new year is coming straight at us.

I always look back at the paintings I have done this year and sort the good ones from the bad. Often I find only a couple that I actually am happy with. I try to analyse what is good about them and why they are a succes to me. Same deal with the bad ones. I stare straight at them and take note of what is badly exeuted and why, and what I can learn from the mistakes. Mostly I uset his opportunaty to make for myself an artistic New years resolution.

This year, for me, it is just basic drawing skills. I will use 2017 to improve my drawings.

I have traveled a lot this yera and have been exposed to a lot of young and fantastic talented artists. Many of them seemed way better than me at basic drawing. They drew better figures than I did, and worst of all, they seemed to do it without the hassle and hardship that I seem to have. I also think that I tend to draw the same kind of figures, faces and poses a lot. When meeting these people from artschools and workshops, they all had sketchbooks and did tests and studies. They did all the things that you are supposed to do. The “art school stuff”. Now, I never did that. I never went to school or had a mentor. And I never tested stuff or practiced light or color or anything. Actually, to my horror, I think I havent done a single illustration for myself in 7 years. I always thought that as long as I did assignments I would train and teach myself. “No need to practice, Jesper”, I told myself. “Do it while you work”. This year I reached the conclusion that I am wrong. Finally.

The other of the two good paintings this year

So, My new years resolution will be to practice more. For no other reason than practice. I will do a drawing, painting or sketch each day. Something that is for no purpose or project or anything.

I think you should do it too. Make a couple of New Year’s resolutions… The ordinary: more exercise, be a better husband, wife, farther, do more home cooking, get your finances in order and all the usual suspects. But also make an artistic resolution. Find just one of your weak spots and set your mind to fixing it. Together we will be better in 2017!