Here is a short but informative PDF created by Artists Network that goes over some basics about oil painting, including history, tools, techniques and terminology. Despite the PDF only being 13 pages long, is full of great information, really nice art, and is the perfect primer for those looking for a very simple introduction to oil painting basics.

You can download a copy of the PDF by clicking this link:

And be sure to visit the rest of the Artist Network website, which is full of free tutorials covering a wide variety of mediums: There are some real gems strewn throughout the site.

Below is a short sampling of what is contained in the PDF…

The majority of the article sites the work and methods of Joshua LaRock, whose paintings are quite impressive and add some real clout to the technique portion. Joshua is a classically trained painter (having studied under Jacob Collins), and aside from his portraiture and fine arts, is also a teacher at the Grand Central Atelier in NYC.

For those interested in discovering more about the paintings contained in the article, below is a brief video showcasing some of Joshua’s work…