-By Howard Lyon

I recently had the chance to do a remake of a card for Magic: the Gathering. The card is called Serra Ascendant  and it is being released as part of the Iconic Masters set.

I started with a few very rough sketches, different poses and color options. I always find it fascinating how the same sketch, with the values adjusted a bit here and there can feel so different.

This is the sketch chosen for the final, but minus the beard…

Dawn Murin, one of my favorite art directors, commissioned this card and had some good feedback for me and I was ready to move onto the final painting.

I ended up doing this card in in oils on linen at 18″ x 24″. I’ll be putting it up for sale in the next few days on my site.

It was fun to have some leeway with the stylized fabric (the creative wiggle room that Magic gives it’s artists is the top reason I love painting for the license) and I love any chance to paint clouds.

Here it is in the final form on the card:

Thanks for taking a look!