A short time ago, we did a post praising the excellence of ‘Step-by-Step Graphics‘ magazine, a now out-of-print magazine which was once the premier source for illustrative art instruction.

Although these magazine are now difficult to come by, we’re truly lucky that many aficionados have taken it upon themselves to preserve these fantastic articles for future generations of aspiring artists. Once again, we owe thanks to our friend Matt Dicke for scanning this particular issue of Step-By-Step Graphics that we are featuring here today, which outlines the working methods of the late, great Bob Peak.

For the younger readers in our crowd who may not yet know who Bob Peak is, you will undoubtedly recognize his work. Bob was a giant in the industry. Superman, Apocalypse Now, Black Stallion, The Wrath of Khan, Excaliber… Bob Peak is responsible for some of the most quintessential movie posters of the 80s, and his work has helped shape the look of the modern movie poster to this day. His flamboyant style, and prolific output are still unparalleled in the industry.

For old and new fans alike, if you haven’t picked up a copy of ‘The Art of Bob Peak‘, we highly recommend the book. At a whopping 380 pages, and edited by Bob’s own son, it is the definitive guide to Bob Peak’s work. You can check out a review and flip through we did some time ago in the video below: