“Constant Reminder” Hilary Clarcq

Since 2013 Kristina Carroll has been curating a fantastic collection of artwork during February called The Month of Love.

The Month of Love is a weekly themed art challenge designed to inspire artists to “shake things up, push themselves, and create a bunch of new personal work.”

The overall theme for the entire collection is, loosely, “love” but each week has a single word prompt. For example, this year the prompts are all colors.

Looking through the work there are quite a few artists new to me (along with some of my personal favorites!) but no doubt you’ll find something to enjoy among the growing collection.

“Little Mermaid” Ashly Lovett

“Gift” Maryam Gohar

“Ophelia” Emily Majarian

“The Monarch’s Lullaby“ Qistina Khalidah

“Abyss” Emily Hare


The Month of Love by Kristina Carroll with Jenna Kass runs throughout February and updates weekly with new work.