What Happens Next?

Almost four years ago, in the midst of our collaboration on the illustrated Earthsea project, the writer, Ursula le Guin, asked if I wanted to partner with her on a one-off project that would be part of a book benefiting the New York Public Library. This painting and the poem that she wrote were based on an idea I had: Once there was a dragon that horded books instead of gold but because he was near-sighted he couldn’t read any of them. The child here took pity and would come every day to read to him. Both Ursula and I loved the concept and ran with it.

Unfortunately the book has never been published so when a local to me Library came to me to commission two large paintings for their children’s room I knew just what I was going to develop for them.

Pencil drawing for What Happens Next?

Since this original drawing measured only 12 x 18 inches and the first of the new pieces was to be quite large at 2 x 3ft some modifications were necessary. I took my initial drawing and enlarged it via my copy machine to the new proportions, then traced it off onto a large sheet of Arches cold press Watercolor Paper that had been dry-mounted and then stapled to a sheet of plywood.

Added Kids Detail

At this new scale the piece really needed the presence of more kids so I drew them onto a sheet of bond paper and when I was satisfied with the drawing I traced them onto the Arches board.

Full inked Reading to Dragon


Close up details of the final inked piece

Close up details of the final inked piece

When I begin my applications of FW colored ink washes over these inks I’ll have this smaller version to serve as a loose color guide and, despite the size, it should go quickly. Right, guys?

But, there was still the second piece to figure out. I knew I wanted both images to be parts of the same story as well as share some of the same characters (the dragon of course but the girl reading the book too) but how? This was my first attempt showing the dragon with a load of kids all flying over a map of Bookland.

Initial sketch for Bookland

I knew right away that the point of view in my sketch was wrong if I wanted have that map spread out below them all.

Finished sketch of Bookland

And I think the new drawing works pretty well. So did the Kingsport Library as they loved both ideas.

Finished Inked Images

Finished Inked Images


Finished Inked Images

Everything is more refined here in this drawing and I’ve worked out a system of identifying each book in the landscape below without using their actual titles. I’m hoping that there will be enough excitement generated by the painting to motivate more than one child to seek out some of the stories on display.

Photo of both paintings on their respective boards

Initial sketch for a simulated foil stamped cover to a new Blue-Ray edition of The Princess Bride for Criterion

Working this large is a challenge in many different ways but once these images are framed and on the wall all that momentary turmoil will just fade away.

And besides, I’ve already got another job to think about. You know, one of those offers that you should have said ‘No” to, but couldn’t help yourself. I’ve 5 color illustrations and this cover art to finish by the first of July. Wish me luck!