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Author: Charles Vess

Driftwood Days

In my last post I was working on a commission for the children’s book room of the Kingsport Public...

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  • Francis Vallejo on State of Illustration ReportWas just reviewing this report with my classes, with similar notes on the demographic.
  • nico kopf on The Land of EemGreat job on this! Can see how your style was what they were looking for, as your work is usually light-hearted, even when depicting things like battl…
  • Phillip Vircks on Dragon Crew Two Launch!Looks great! Quite an honor to be working on that kind of project.
  • Brian cleary on Dragon Crew Two Launch!Way to go Greg, the designs are out of this world! :D Hope to see these on a t shirt in the near future!
  • aaron on The Land of EemThis is wonderful Justin. Also, I was finally able to catch up to your War of the Worlds artwork. Terrific! I can't wait to see more. Keep up the amaz…