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Charles Vess

Driftwood Days

In my last post I was working on a commission for the children’s book room of the Kingsport Public...

Exploring Bookland

Almost four years ago, in the midst of our collaboration on the illustrated Earthsea project, the...

Coloring Earthsea

For most of the past four years I’ve been working in collaboration with writer Ursula K. Le Guin...

On Collaboration

-By Charles Vess For over 40 years I’ve been making a living from my art and in that time I’ve...

New Members!

In an effort to keep things fresh, informative, and as relevant as possible, we are always adding...


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  • tayete on Fischer paints: The Pumpkin Queen- With a zombie programThanks so much, Muddy Colors!!! You are the best art site around, I love you!!!
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  • Nico Kopf on SalvationGreat emotional piece! Am curious about the blast marks on the ground ... is it from the robot landing? Did she fall there? Aaah, questions.
  • Mel Dorn on The Good StudentA very relevant article for me. I also combined study and work, because my family had no money and I had to look for a way out. I was at the universit…