Dorian Vallejo is quite simply one of the finest life painters I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch work. His portrait work often exudes a life-like quality that can seem more real than the models themselves. Given my adoration of Dorian’s work, I was extremely excited to see that he now has a few, extremely affordable, tutorials available.

Rather than trying to create a single, comprehensive tutorial, Dorian has opted for much shorter tutorials (less than 10 minutes), and priced them extremely low (as little as $1). For just a couple dollars, you can watch a good 30 minutes of content. Some of the current videos available cover topics such as: Paint Loose, Painting From Life Outdoors, and Drawing in Ink.

Dorian has also provided a short video about his drawing supplies completely free. You can find these videos, along with a great selection of Dorian’s work on his website: