Photo of Edward Gorey by Richard Avedon

The New Yorker recently did a write up on Artist and Author, Edward Gorey.  As I was reading the article I thought back to the first time someone introduced me to Edward Gorey’s work, and it occurred to me that many readers may not be familiar with this illustration icon, partly due to his age. Aptly named, Gorey’s work tends toward the macabre, and few books are as perfect an example of his sensibilities as ‘The Gashlycrumb Tinies”. It was this book that first introduced me to his work, and still to date, is my favorite of his. Originally published in 1963, it’s quite possible this amazing book has slipped passed your radar all this time.

Originally published as part of the three volume set entitled ‘The Vinegar Works: Three Volumes of Moral Instruction’, ‘The Gashleycrumb Tinies’ is a precious little gem, both in it’s execution and it’s stature. It’s small size, which in it’s current iteration is just 5 inches tall, adds to the charm of this twisted little alphabet book.

I am going to attach scans of the book below, simply because I think it’s worth sharing in it’s entirety. But if you like what you see, I highly encourage you to purchase your own copy here. They are extremely affordable, and it is a wonderful conversation starter. We leave ours on the coffee table for when the neighbor’s kids come to visit.

I give you, ‘The Gashleycrumb Tinies’, by Edward Gorey… enjoy!

And lastly, I leave you with this wonderful little video that someone made, animating this time-treasured book.

Read the recent New Yorker article about Edward Gorey here:

Purchase your own copy of ‘The Gashleycrumb Tinies’ here: