In July last year, I was approached by Diego Cordoba, one of the editors of the British magazine ILLUSTRATORS. He enquired if I were interested in being featured on their magazine.  By that time, quite frankly, I have already lost interest in giving interviews. But when the editor explained all about it and provided me with the questions, which were quite interesting and rather unconventional, I finally agreed to his proposal…And I am happy I did so.

Here is a little preview from the interview which covers 34 pages and contains more than 30 often large images. This issue of the magazine, no. 26, will be out this summer.




A collection of sketches and drawings done for various reasons during the past several years. The Sketchbook will be published by Dark Dragon Books from the Netherlands. It’s an English edition and intended for the international market, and it will be available through the publisher’s website as soon as the book is released in September.

Below you can see a number of preliminary spreads from the book which is still in progress.

I hope you like it.