This September will see the launch of a new convention centered around the art and creators within the fields of Concept Art, Illustration, Animation, and Gaming.  Begun by Bobby Chiu, a character designer and founder of Schoolism, and Jim Demonakos, founder of Emerald City Comic Con, for although there are quite a few conventions which draw in the talent from the afore mentioned fields (from San Diego Comic-Con to Spectrum Live to E3), there had yet to be a convention held in the backyard of Los Angeles.  The proximity to Hollywood and Southern California’s dense animation and gaming business is guaranteeing the floor at the Pasadena Convention Center will be packed and rocking with an incredible wealth of creative individuals over these three days.

Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos

Muddy Colors will see a few of its contributing members hosting booths and tables at the event as well as participating in a demo and lecture or two.  As of this date Stephan Martiniere, Jesper Ejsing, Justin Coro Kaufman, Greg Manchess, and myself will be in attendance.

Even though this is the first year for the convention, the sheer numbers of professionals attending will make for rich dialogs and engaging business exchanges even if all the AV equipment fails, power goes out, and not a single extra ticket is purchased at the door.  Some of greatest insights on art can spring forth from unscripted interactions!

This is one of the main reasons why I love to attend gatherings such as Lightbox Expo, for the chance for something unexpected to happen with my art and career.  I love the thrill of meeting new professionals, fans, and future accomplices in an ever evolving career in the arts – new lights beckon through cracks and keyholes.

Donato Giancola and Iain McCaig at Spectrum Live 2019. Rob Rey makes a cameo to the right!

One of the aspects I lecture to my students and fellow professionals is the act of engaging in events like this to foster the developing potential for future clients to cross your path.  You cannot know exactly where the next opportunities in your art career will arise from, thus making sure you are ‘in the game’ is one of the best ways to insure you ‘stay’ in the game.  Showing up is winning more than half that battle.

From the LightBox website:

Renowned character designer and illustrator Bobby Chiu, the team at Schoolism, and Emerald City Comic Con founder Jim Demonakos have teamed up to launch LightBox Expo, a three day celebration of the visual arts in Pasadena, California.

LightBox Expo (LBX) was conceived as a way to bring together the best artists in animation, illustration, live action and gaming industries under one roof. Why? To hang out with fellow creators, share our art with the public, meet other artists, further our skills and educate those coming up in our respective industries.

300 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91101
September 6-8, 2019
Friday – 12pm-6pm
Saturday – 10am-6pm
Sunday – 10am-5pm
I hope to see some of you there who can make the trip!