As most regular Muddy Colors readers know, a few short weeks ago (on April 4th, to be precise) the awards for Spectrum 27 were presented at a heartwarming virtual awards ceremony orchestrated by Lauren Panepinto, Dan dos Santos, and Marc Scheff. As selected by jurors Alice Carter, Craig Elliott, Anthony Francisco, Courtney Granner, Forest Rogers, and Chie Yoshii, the awards are both a celebration of individual achievement and of the Fantastic Art Community as a whole. The ceremony was a wonderful 2-hour respite from the Covid-19 worry, stress, and gloom—and if you missed it, it is still available for viewing courtesy of Lauren and Marc.

So to close the month on a happy note—and as a companion to Kristine Poole’s earlier post about the presentation of the Muse Award at the opening of the ceremony—I wanted to call everyone’s attention again to this year’s honorees. Congratulations to the award recipients, to all the nominees, and to everyone with art selected for inclusion in the annual!










GOLD – “The Shining” by Bartosz Kosowski









SILVER – “Lilith” by Brom










GOLD – “Ivywood Manor” by Rovina Cai









SILVER – “The Three Lords of Shambhala” by Sija Hong










GOLD – “Nightfall #1: Walk in the Woods” by Tim Probert









SILVER – “Myre: Flora” by Claudya Schmidt

Concept Art








GOLD – “Devourer of Ghosts” by Tooth Wu (Wu Qinghao)








SILVER – “Island Woodblock” by Ian Jun Wei Chiew










GOLD – “Space Madness” by Dug Stanat









SILVER – “Philosopher From The Past Coelacanth” by Michihiro Matsuoka










GOLD – “ruth, Lies & Uncertainty: Truth” by Red Nose Studio









SILVER – “The Forest Yell” by Sam Araya










GOLD – “The Stranger: The Seventh Faith” by John Jude Palencar (John Jude’s website is under construction)









SILVER – “Claim The Firstborn” by Iain McCaig










GOLD – “492” by Diego Fernandez









SILVER – “The Spoon Thief” by Daniel Zrom

Grand Master









Terryl Whitlatch

Spectrum 27: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art will be available in bookstores this Fall. Spectrum 28 will open for entries in October.