I’ve come to know and deeply adore Peter Santa-Maria (Attack Peter), and his work recently over the past year or so, largely as another maniac non stop artist who has taken this whole coronavirus tornados and used to to fly the most terrific kites. His bold graphic linocuts celebrating pop culture idols speak like totems and magical glyphs, his bright and contagious enthusiasm and almost geeks love for the work, art and the things that inspire him, inspire me to remain alert and in love with what I do as a creative person. Based in Florida, Peter first rocket launched into my orbit with an incredible series of massive 24 x 36″ linocut posters celebrating Godzilla for Mondo. It hangs prominently upstairs in my home and I pass it everyday and am made better for it.


His work is so ballsy fluid and graphically fist punchy, he makes me want to be him when I grow up. I truly love it as I do a lot of art that isn’t at all like the work I myself make. I intend to be pushed and inspired by it nevertheless. If you’re not familiar with him at all, I envy these first days of Christmas that lay out before you. The good news is that feeling just keeps recurring with each new piece. He’s recently branched into making figures and sculptures, and certainly more things of punch-drunk delights as well. He also hosts online conversations with artists regularly and I highly reccommend tracking those down.

He’s inspired my youngest son to embrace and skyrocket his ideas in the medium of linocut, and even managed to get me to try it out… and realize this is not the forest I am made to run amok naked in. This is his, wild and naked he doth run betwixt the trees, and I am happy to admire his footpaths.

Peter Santa-Maria…. attacking

Check him out, and know truly that you will be glad you did, HERE: