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Greg Ruth

What’s Your Value?

Art is the only job I’m aware of where the worker is more often than not encouraged to...

So NOW what?

As we enter deeper into the great and darkly unknown and unknowable, it can be hard to plan...

PARASITE decoded

Let me begin to confess the obvious that I adore movies, and always have since I was very young....


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  • AJ on SalvationAnother great painting! I have all of your Empathetic Robot paintings in my inspiration folder :)
  • Hanna on SalvationI always like looking at sketches and the process of creating.
  • Edward Stonehill on SalvationAwesome post, thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to the next, Donato!
  • Victor on SalvationThanks! It is very interesting to look at this work of art. You can feel its emotionality (the way they look at each other...) I especially liked the…
  • Tom Wood on SalvationThat woman's expression is perfect for the piece. Wonderful emotional piece