Happy halloween muddy colorers!

I can finally show this cover art for the upcoming Aesop Rock and Blockhead collab album “Garbology” due out Nov 12th.

This was such a fun cover to work on. Tons of little details scattered around. It took longer than I’d initially anticipated due to all the little labels and just all the layering and placements of objects.

We had discussed a few different approaches technique-wise, but I got really into the idea of the plain white background early on. Thought it would be a nice compliment to what was to be a busy central image. In the end we went with a clean, line driven style which to me helps balance out the chaos even more.

I used a 3D model for that trash can. sure I probably could have hand drawn it, but using a 3D base saves so much time it wouldn’t make sense not to. did a line art render as well as a crypto matte pass,  which separates all of the major elements into different easily selectable colors. this makes it easy to select a specific part of the can if need be.  using a 3d base also establishes the angle and perspective I can use to base the rest of the drawing off of.

cryptomatte render makes it easy to select specific parts of the image in photoshop

I worked very procedurally on this, first coming in and drawing out the line work. this is probably the most time consuming step but I try not to rush it. It’s worth figuring everything out early.


Then I will apply a simple value pass to establish the big forms and shadows. I used a hard edged brush in an effort to try to keep it more graphic.


Lastly, I laid in a flat color pass on top as a color layer. Did some color post work on top but tried to keep it minimal so as not to lose too much of the crispness.

here are a few detail shots of how it ended up.


I like working like this. Its fun really getting in there and figuring out all of the intricacies of the drawing, and it’s also nice to not have to render a whole lot.

Did the back and interior as well but those images haven’t been released yet. Can’t wait to show it tho.

If you’re into this type of stuff, Be sure to Check the new single and amazing video “Jazz Hands” masterfully directed by the great Rob Shaw. it gets stuck in my head every time I watch it. And that’s a good sign, right?

Whole album is amazing. It’s truly been an honor to be able to help out on this project. Aes and Blockhead are two great tastes that go great together.