Hey folks! Throwing back to a demo I did before my time at muddy colors that I thought you may find interesting. I was trying to discover new digital techniques in photoshop. I wanted a more tactile feel to some of my work and this is what I landed on.

I called it ‘one-click painting’ because much of the value work and strokes you see here are done with one click of a texture brush. Get that? So instead of dragging the brush, I would hover the brush where I wanted it. I’d set the brush to ’tilt’ so I could rotate the shape to the angle I needed- and use one click the mouse. Bam! Kinda like a rubber stamp. To give me a tactile boost, it was started on scanned water color paper. And as usual I use a lasso tool for some of the bigger moves.

So if you are looking to shake up your digital technique, give it a shot! (Or a click.)