Do you struggle to come up with composition ideas after one or two? Here’s a bunch of prompts that might inspire something unexpected.

If you’ve got a D20 on hand, roll for a random idea!

  1. Low, or high camera angle
  2. Detail or very close shot
  3. Try the moment before, or after the action
  4. Compose with triangles, spirals, or rectangles
  5. Compose with parallel lines, or radial lines
  6. Crop the main figure
  7. Focus on designing the negative space
  8. Flatten the perspective
  9. Put all the action at the top, or the bottom
  10. Put all the action in a narrow strip, or a bold graphic shape
  11. Spot a bright color, or highest or lowest value, in specific places
  12. Invert the positive and negative shapes
  13. Repeat elements in a pattern, then break it
  14. Try a visual frame story (a painting of an art object in a different medium)
  15. Hide a second-read image in the overall composition, or in the shadows
  16. How would a specific film director, or specific artist frame it?
  17. How would a trained dancer, or a specific character actor pose for it?
  18. Make the figures touch in some way
  19. Engage the viewer’s senses other than vision
  20. How would it look with a completely different genre of music for a soundtrack?

You can combine these for even more ideas to try!