Hey all, hope you’ve been enjoying spring. It’s been rainy as usual here but we’ve had some good stretches of good weather, which has been nice. Provided the opportunity to actually go outside and do a few plein air paintings. My friend Kellan hosts an annual plein air group show at giant robot in LA, and was kind enough to invite me to participate this year.

I didn’t venture out too far, these are all from my yard, but it was nice to get outside and paint with acrylics for a change too. Here are the four pieces I made for the show.

I started simple and tried not to overwork them. The show is awesome, lots of great stuff from a really talented group of artists. If you’re in the La area the show runs until the 4th.

GR2: Sitting Outside III – Group Exhibition

Also figured I’d post an update on that animation thing I’ve been doing. Got through the first chunk, took about two months for two minutes of footage lol, but it’s been a lot of fun and a real education. Dunno where this all leads, but I think it’s a pretty decent little reel that helps better describe the story and vibe of the book without giving too much away. Was so much fun putting these shots together, adding things in to help reinforce the storytelling and narratives, and just being able to get more granular with the subject matter has been a real treat. here are some stills from it, as well as a youtube link to the video. Please check it out and I’d love to hear what you think.