To engage with other creatives and to encorage artists to Shake It Up with their creative process, I host an open sketchbook night called Sketchbook Meditation + Exploration. This weekly event is a get-together with artists from around the globe. During our social time, we discuss the Rediscovering Your Creative Self podcast (FREE) episode of the week, setting an intention for our work and making daily lifestyle changes that enhance creativity to build a more creative and playful mindset.

The Sketchbook Meditation + Exploration weekly get-together is a time to commit to working in your sketchbook, experimenting and discussing with other artists topics that will help you in developing a relationship with the creative spirit that resides within. We meet every Tuesday at 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST on Zoom.  I post the weekly zoom link on my Navigating the Labyrinth of the Creative Mind patreon page each week at 1:00pmEST. The latest podcast episide releases on the same day at 5:00am EST. This event is open to all patrons, paid and free levels (the first Tuesday Sketchbook event of every month is FREE). If you have friends that would like to participate, encourage them to join the patreon site. You can join the site for FREE using this link:

This is a social gathering where each artist commits to working in their sketchbook and exploring the podcast topic of the day. There is no requirement to have your camera on you or your work. My camera will be on my work. I will not be teaching, lecturing or doing a demo but instead continuing the discussion of the podcast and experimenting in my sketchbook. Join us in this adventure and commit to shaking thing up with your creative practice and approach. I look forward to going on this journey together!

Join me in an ongoing exploration of alternative approaches, mixing things up with your creative process. I will be writing an article on Muddy Colors on how the Shaking It Up Art Challenge has reignited the creative process for artists. Use the hashtag #shakeitupartchallenge when posting work you create from this endeavor on social media!

In the coming months, I will be working in a variety of custom sketchbooks that I have created. In addition, I will be continuing to experiment with media, surfaces and tools! This custom book (featured below) was created by repurposing parts of my daily intuitive sketchbook paintings and experiments. Everyday I play, using leftover paint and scrap surfaces. Nothing is ever wasted! On my Navigating the Labyrinth of the Creative Mind  page, I have several recorded demos on how to create custom journals and sketchbooks!

The custom book features a matchbook-style cover that was from a background painting that I did in a sketchbook. It was created with leftover paint and  painted on both sides. In the image below, you can see the backside of the book.

Featured below is the sketchbook spread that was used to create the matchbook-style cover in the custom sketchbook. Lots of layers are built up, using acrylic paint and a painting knife. This spread was done months before I even knew what I was going to do with it. 

The Shake It Up Challenge encourages artists to work by intuition, without forcing an outcome while doing it. It is all about staying in the creative mindset without limitations and expectations. The process simply lets the work dictate the journey and the intent! It is SO freeing to just create! To simple let go!

The tip-in art is repurposed from a multi-tiered experimental piece that was initially from an embossed paper demo that I did a while back. Leftover paint was applied on top in layers, over time. I cut a section of the original art to add to it to this sketchbook, as I felt the color palette and overall expressive quality was in tune with the piece as a whole. As you can see I USE everything that I create, even my playful experiments, to create something else.

Featured below is another sketchbook embossed paper piece that I did as a demo. It will also find its forever home in something that I will create in the future! Everything is part of something else, as it all comes from the same source (ME) !

To glue the pieces together, I use matte gel medium. Since it is not fluid, it does not warp the paper. It is also a strong and archival adhesive. I use a roller to apply a thin and even coat to the surface.

The spine was created by scoring with an embossing tool, folding away from the score to produce the area where the interior book will sit. One-quarter inch is employed for the spine matching the one-quarter inch perimeter that the cover overlaps in the Washi paper interior.

To create the interior I used Japanese Washi paper that my husband bought in Japan. I can’t tell you how much I love this paper for the texture as well as the strength.

Check out the amazing texture of the Washi paper (see below). It is handmade and has a wonderful organic edge to it that I kept in the custom book.

A 16-page signature was folded and trimmed to fit, leaving a one-quarter inch border on 3 sides to match the spine dimentions. In the picture below, the interior is pulled back from the spine to show both. I do not glue in the stitched signature in place until I have filled the book. This keeps the cover elements clean and free from any media that may spill over while painting, drawing, collaging, etc.

The signature is held together by a chain stitch bindery, using embroidery thread. To stiffen the thread, I painted it with acrylic paint, using a sponge. Venetian red and bronze paint are used to create the effect.

Check out some of the Rediscovering Your Creative Self Podcast Episodes that we have discussed during our Sketchbook Meditation and Exploration Socials!

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Lucia K. Wolfer, California, USA
“Simply stated, Lisa is the best! Her knowledge and innovative techniques in mixed media have been very inspirational to me. Lisa is not just superior as a teacher of mixed-media techniques, but she excels in helping artists develop their own unique creative expressions and lifestyle, while encouraging them to Create from the Heart.

Lisa is a great teacher and motivator who is very professional in her approach. She listens to and attends to the needs of each individual student in her Mentorship sessions and successfully balances the demands of the Masterclass as a group. Lisa always introduces new materials and takes deeper dives into the subject matter which is currently being discussed. Her workshops, videos, articles and podcasts along with excellent resources make her classes not only interesting and exceptional, but positive and fun! I have had the privilege of being in Lisa’s Masterclass and Mentorship sessions as part of her Patreon endeavor.”

Francine Tellone, Montreal, Canada
“Lisa’s Masterclass is more than just an art class, it’s like an orchestrated gathering of creative minds. She inspires each one of us to push further on our individual creative paths and we build off of each others support. The subject matter in Masterclass is tailored to our individual needs and we have the opportunity to receive individual feedback on our projects. Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of techniques and materials is bar-none, but the added bonus is her ability to nurture ALL aspects of the creative spirit. I always look forward to my monthly live Masterclass… I’ve found my tribe!”

Karen Kuntz, Oklahoma, USA
“Anything and everything that Lisa Cyr creates and presents to us as members of her Masterclass on Patreon, as well as her Mentorship, is incredibly amazing. Lisa is highly intelligent, extraordinarily talented, caring and willing to explore and experiment with different materials and techniques, sharing all of this with us!!!!! I have taken several art classes with Lisa over the years and she is the very best instructor that I have ever had. She helps you develop techniques that will work for the style and ideas that you want to develop in your own art. She gives us information and instruction on a wide variety of topics so we have incredible resources to learn more and to get better and better with our art. She has knowledge and skills that she willingly shares with us so we can progress as artists and meet our own goals.

Another great aspect of the Masterclass is that we also get to see the work of the other artists in our group. It is always so wonderful to see their work and how they develop their style and ideas!!! If you want to advance in your art skills, this Masterclass is simply the Best!!!!!!!”

Lolly Owens, Pennsylvania, USA
“Making new art takes a lot of energy. It’s tiring trying to make things happen, to learn a new skill and master it and to set aside fears, listening to your inner muse. Most people would rather go with what they know or what is safe. It’s much easier but it’s not very interesting.

Lisa not only gives aspiring artists a super-solid foundation for their preferred media but also provides professional artists with a renewed passion for their art. Her unwavering support helps one to grow. She has created a colorful, supportive environment for artists from around the world and what a wonderful emotional release it is to be a member of this tribe.”

Julia Linda Wells,Toronto, Canada
“Lisa Cyr is enthusiastic, generous, curious, and experienced. She is always searching for new techniques and products, eagerly sharing her knowledge with other artists.

Masterclass (Navigating the Labyrinth of the Creative Mind) on Patreon is a safe and open space for artists at any level of experience or training to interact with Lisa and art colleagues that work in various media. The live monthly Zoom sessions are a place to look, learn and talk, working at our own pace while developing our artistic personalities.

In addition to the live (recorded) Zoom sessions on Patreon, there are tips and techniques to review at our leisure and venues for posting our work-in-progress, inspirations and to receive feedback from Lisa and colleagues. I treasure Lisa’s mentorship and the congenial environment of Masterclass.

Kenneth Laird, USA 
“In late 2021, after many years as a creative director, designer, illustrator and fine artist, I never thought I would utter the words “I am ready to quit.” Lisa Cyr saved my creative dying soul. During and after her four-month mentorship, I felt like a child again, with a new box of crayons. While finding my passion painting wildlife using digital and mixed-media techniques mentored by Lisa, a style began to emerge.

Lisa had me write an artist statement that I had never done before. She also asked critical questions and pointed me in a direction to reinvent and rebrand myself. Her critiques were always given with the best of love and intentions. The biggest take away was that a totally different style emerged called “Edge Works”. This new look suddenly took my social media presence from 3k followers to now over 10K, with Instagram growing from 440 to almost 4500 followers in a year and a half. So many opportunities have risen since taking this mentorship, including having my own signature logo, brand, licensed products, becoming an official artist for both Delta Waterfowl nationally and Ducks Unlimited in North Carolina – the largest conservation bodies for wetlands in America. My works hang in homes in Ohio, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, Michigan and New York. I am now the only artist in the world with a series of waterfowl artworks, patented and printed on duck calls with Iowa Hunting Products (both sold to Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl). Kenneth Laird Studios LLC is the premier outlet for private commissions of valuable Labrador retrievers and bird dogs in America. Over 20 commissions have been painted since this mentorship. I highly recommend this class to anyone no matter what skill level you are. Job Well Done Lisa!”




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