Last month we took a look at a preview for my next sketchbook and I’m pleased to say that it’s now here! Almost!

The Woods In-between is a quiet look at rocks and trees, trolls turned to stone, and other visions. The 52 page collection features many of the things that I most enjoy drawing and some of the things you can only find in the woods.

For the month of May, the project has been live on Kickstarter! I’m very proud of this collection and I can’t wait to see it in print.

If you’d like to join in or take a closer look, please do! With just three days left on the clock, we’re going to be wrapping this thing up soon.  

One of the things I always hope to give with my sketchbooks is not just a look at the work itself, but how I work. In my own artistic development one area I’ve found to be most helpful is the scribbles: when I can see the process from the thumbnails to the sketches and beyond. Put another way, when you can get a glimpse at the “scaffolding” that’s usually torn away before you see the finished work.

I’ve always loved getting the chance to look behind the curtain, as it were.

When I’m able to pass on that enjoyment to someone else I feel, in some small way, I’m paying back all of those artists who’ve set their scribbles out for the world to see.

And so, of course, within the mix of sketches and finished drawings, I have a handful of thumbnails, some of which you can track as they develop into fully grown ideas in the collection.

A little like scattering seeds and seeing just which ones will root.

The Kickstarter for The Woods In-between concludes this Friday and will be shipping next month!