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Author: Jeff Miracola

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  • Ariel on Brave New WorldAwesome drawing table. Would you care to share the specs of the tilting mechanism? Wouldn't mind building one of my own.
  • Elizabeth Dulemba on A Sketchbook 2020 PreviewCory - I adore your work and send my students your way all the time! Do you mind sharing what company you use to publish/print your books? Thanks! e
  • Vic Honigsfeld on Brave New WorldThanks for sharing this Robert, it certainly has been a challenge making the switch from in-person teaching to remote. I especially like your idea of…
  • Peter Anton on Wizard Dwarf taught me a lessonVery interesting article, I'm excited to see the results of the experimentation and hopefully an update on where the increased freedom takes your art
  • Yigit on A Sketchbook 2020 PreviewThank you!