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Author: Jesper Ejsing


By Jesper Ejsing This is one of the paintings I got into Spectrum 18. I added the thumb too. I...

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By Jesper Ejsing This here is a follow up to the cover I showed 14 days ago with the werewolf and...

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-By Jesper Ejsing Here is an illustration I did a year ago for Wotc.It is 2 fighters, a girl and a...

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By Jesper Ejsing I struggle everyday with ”overlap”. Or at least I think about overlap and how to...

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Muddy Faces

By Jesper Ejsing The other day I was creating another wallpaper for my screen. I try to shift the...

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old and new

-By Jesper Ejsing Just the other day, I was trying to find an old sketch of a dragon in the big...

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Your own IMC

-By Jesper Ejsing I have, with envy, been following all my Facebook friends posting photos from...

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The Trap

-Jesper Ejsing MicroVisions I was deeply honoured to be asked to do a painting for the...

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Two in One

By Jesper Ejsing Today I want to share with you a painting that is actually two paintings. I did...

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Role Playing

-By Jesper Ejsing I am not by far an oracle in what keeps your creative well from drying out. I...

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