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Author: Sam Weber

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  • Sebastian Posada on Dragon Crew Two Launch!So cool to see this! Remings of Epcot Center in the 90's! Haven't been there since. The patches look beautiful and full of positive energy and success…
  • Francis Vallejo on State of Illustration ReportWas just reviewing this report with my classes, with similar notes on the demographic.
  • nico kopf on The Land of EemGreat job on this! Can see how your style was what they were looking for, as your work is usually light-hearted, even when depicting things like battl…
  • Phillip Vircks on Dragon Crew Two Launch!Looks great! Quite an honor to be working on that kind of project.
  • Brian cleary on Dragon Crew Two Launch!Way to go Greg, the designs are out of this world! :D Hope to see these on a t shirt in the near future!