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  • Steve Sengebush on So WTF is an NFT?Thanks Lauren for a killer article, which to me felt like a good 10,000 foot view, leaving room to investigate a particular aspect more closely. Sorry…
  • 韩星 on Carnation Lily Lily RoseHello, post links on already can't open it, do you have high resolution images can share for me
  • Nicole MIazgowicz on So WTF is an NFT?I for one don’t make digital art, don’t love the idea of NFTs, am pretty financially risk adverse AND loved reading this article to give me basic defi…
  • Diam202 on ObjectifyWow, What a Excellent post. I really found this to much informatics. This is what I was searching for. Thanks a lot.
  • josé hélio on Where it all begins…I love seeing sketches! It's like seeing the soul of the drawing.