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Chris likes making pictures. But it’s been a struggle. A wonderful, soul-crushing, beautiful, heartbreaking journey, so unintuitive that now Chris finds he can speak with a great deal of objectivity (and some authority, and even a bit of confidence) about this great matter of picture-making. So in addition to working for clients like Disney-Hyperion, Penguin, Nelson, American Greeting, Scholastic, Gamewright Games, Pearson, MacMillan, Bloomsbury, Simon&Schuster, McGraw Hill and others, Chris produces simple visual tutorials covering the fundamentals of drawing, painting and, most importantly SEEING, because Chris especially loves helping beginners acquire the tools they need to discover their own art.

Chris also enjoys fairy tales, and writing, writing, writing. His art has been featured in Spectrum Fantastic Art and other art books, sometimes winning awards no one has ever heard of. But who really cares about big awards, right? 🙁 

Before making pictures for a living, Chris was an art director, then game designer and studio head for Vivendi-Universal (now Activision-Blizzard). Later he founded his own game development studio: Tilted Mill Entertainment. Chris was lead designer on Pharaoh, Zeus, Caesar IV, Children of the Nile, and SimCity: Societies. 

Before all that Chris went to Mass College of Art, majoring in, you guessed it—metals/jewelry. Wait, what? Anyway, if you need to borrow a ring mandrel or have a stone set, give him a call.