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You Don’t Suck At Color

  Help Is On The Way Do you suffer from chromophobia (the fear of using saturated or bright colors because every time you do your picture winds up looking like a cheap effect from Star Trek TOS)? Well, turns out you don’t suck at anything, but you probably misunderestimate the role of something else… It goes by many names: lightness (I’ve heard), luminosity (la di da), Mithrandir (I think that’s one of them), brightness (unfortunately),…

Why do you do it?

Morning guys and girls. summer vacation is over and i find myself back at the desk at the studio....

Art Can Help Us Through Uncertain Times

  Lately, I’ve been painting a lot of abstract environments/mindscapes, and I’ve found that my art practice has been pretty akin to a survival tactic of sorts for me. Especially in recent months, I am definitely noticing this. And when I say this, it’s not as much about the actual finished piece that I’m referring to, but the act of painting, the creative process. The aspect of creating that’s about being mindful and resourceful, accepting…

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