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Ask a Greg #1

    From Erik Rose (via FB) How did you go about switching styles as an already...


“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” -Isaac Newton Taking...


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  • marco reis on Octopus Online Demohi, i'm from brazil, i really admire your work! yes, i would love to see the helmet theme. mainly see how to give the effect of the metal. thanks for…
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  • Dan dos Santos on Shopping for InspirationThis is super timely for me, Dave. Great post.
  • Sebastian Posada on Our Painted LivesNicolás is such a master. Lovely post! I love how he speaks when he works such amount of knowledge each video.
  • Matt DIcke on Our Painted LivesHIs videos are great, no matter the medium. Some of the challenges he gives himself, like this week's one value exercise is tough! Great post, you sho…