by Justin Gerard

I am currently in the middle of a brawl with a troop of apes disguised as TSA agents at the airport. They are after my beard.
So today’s post is going to be a quickie…

The above is a tiny 4″x4″oil painting on linen I finished recently WHICH DIDN’T KILL ME.  
This is exciting because many of my previous adventures in oil have ended badly. I would paint, my body would have some terrible reaction to the materials, I would grow fangs, claws and unsightly hair, and then try to eat my neighbors.

After the restraining order I did a lot of research into studio safety. From this I found a number of solutions THAT ACTUALLY WORKED and allowed me to finish a painting in oil without any of the usual side effects. So next week, after I have escaped the clutches of these baboons with all their wands and plastic gloves, I plan to share this with everyone.