by Donato

After those amazing posts these past fews days from my fellow Muddy Buddies, I am not even going to attempt to stand in their shadows with a lame attempt at advice.  Rather, here are a few shots of what’s keeping me in my dirty painter’s pants these weeks, and reiterate what I always say…back to work!

The Shipwreck (seen above) is on the drafting table now, and will likely be there for quite a few weeks more… overall size is 40″ x 72″, Oil on canvas.  The astronaut in progress is for a showing at the Richard J. Demato Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY later this year.

Promethean Seed, 36″ x 48″, Oil on Panel (in progress)

Lastly, some more Middle-earth drawings (which I always love to tackle!). Ents Roused and Zirak-zigil with Gandalf and the Balrog were for my Limited Edition Book.