For years, I’ve only offered prints for sale at conventions, or through third-party vendors, making it pretty difficult for the average person to their hands get one. This is mostly because the notion of fulfilling online orders all day in a cramped studio just never appealed to me.

But I’ve gotten a bit more organized recently, and have a really fantastic assistant now, so I finally set up my website to take orders.

The first, of what will hopefully be many to come, is the Spectrum award-winning ‘White Trash Zombie‘. I am REALLY happy with these prints! The printed image is the exact same size as the original, and the colors could not be more accurate. In all honesty, it’s as close to the original as you can get. Each one is hand signed, and mailed in a tube to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Plus, it’s free shipping anywhere in the USA. (Sorry, but I am currently only accepting USA orders)

To purchase one, just click here:

The first 10 orders get an extra copy free!

It’s likely I will print a few other images as well. If there is a piece in particular you’d like to see offered, please let me know in the comments section.