By Jesper Ejsing


I just found this graffiti on the internet. I am sorry I cannot credit the guy who painted it, since I guess it was made illegally and posted under an alias. But, he did credit my original painting as being an inspiration. This homage really warms my heart.

I painted graffitti when I was young. I was very young and did not really dare to paint on walls or tunnels or trains. My buddy and I decorated shops or youth clubs . We painted graffiti pieces on canvas that were stitched to the back of our denim jackets. Every Monday we wore a new one that we had spent the weekend working on. I was doing the figures and my buddy Michael was making the letters. I remember one summer where I earned most of my vacation money from doing these kind of “Back Paintings” for a group of local Bikers called “Big Balls”. The figure was an angry bull wielding a dagger, holding forth some hairy, cut off balls. As you see, I acquired a good taste in arts from a very early age.

I am sorry I cannot post any of my old graffiti. It has all been painted over or worn out.

In my heart I feel very “Oldschool” ( my Wife laughs at me when ever I try to insinuate that I am a hip hopper, or when I suggest that I am cool and used to be a rapper ).