-By Jesper Ejsing

‘Harpy Queen’, by Tyler Jacobsen & Jesper Ejsing

Tyler Jacobsen and I were signing at the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix here in my hometown of Copenhagen last week. When we found out we were going to the same event we came up with the idea of trying to paint a painting together. I have always wanted to do something with Tyler and was happy he felt the same way.

We sketched a bit back and forth until we were both happy with the image idea. The file went back and forth over the Atlantic via dropbox and we just added onto what the other one did. It felt really easy to take something Tyler started and just refining or enhancing it a bit. In the end I have no longer any idea of who did what. Except the angle, that is all Tyler.

It was a great and very educational experience to have to continue on another artist´s painting. And we are looking to try it out again very soon.

stages of sketches and progress of the final