by Arnie Fenner has been featuring a series of essays about dinosaurs over the last few weeks, one of which was about theories regarding the saurian’s sex lives. The article featured some illustrations—like those that follow—depicting dinos in love.

All fine, and good, and perfectly plausible. But I kept thinking about the 1970’s special issue of the fanzine Citadel that revolved around the theme “How Dinosaurs Did It.” Featuring short contributions from writers like Ursula K. LeGuin, Arthur C. Clarke, Larry Niven, Harlan Ellison, and Robert Bloch (who insisted that “the Triceratops was the horniest”), the issue was profusely illustrated by Jack Unruh, Don Ivan Punchatz, Stan Watts, and Tim Kirk. But my favorite drawing was the one that follows by the late Roger Stine.  

It still brings a smile to my face today.